Nature is Calling and I Must Go

Good early morning!

This weekend is the beginning of my vacation.  It will actually be a stay-cation because of all the things that need to be done around the homestead.  We are planning to head up to the Smokies at some point this week to get away for the day.  The camera will be attached to my hip while up there.  Tomorrow, day 1 of my vacation, we will be heading to Cloudland Canyons in NW Georgia.  I’ve been there before in the fall but never in the summer.  I am hoping due to all the rain the waterfalls will be in their full glory.  Pictures will definitely be added.   I may even sneak one or two on my Instagram account @aharmonphotog.  Or even my Facebook account A Harmon Photography.

The search for a job to feed my need to take pictures has been a slow and painful process.  Of course, it is my fault.  I expect people to LOVE my resume and be knocking at my door.  But, alas, this isn’t the case.  I have been scouring the internet looking for information about resumes and cover letters.  They have changed A LOT since I last seriously looked for a job.  But I am older and I am going up against a younger generation.  This generation is so social media savvy.  Social media has always been there for them in some shape or form, starting with MySpace.

So I am recreating my brand.  I still have 20 plus years to give employers.  I have a Facebook page, an Instagram page and my very own site where I started a blog to record my journey to release my creative juices.

Well, its time to say Good Day or Guten Tag (I love German) and head to start my last day at work before my stay-cation begins…

Have a great day and remember be kind to those around you, you never know what struggles they are fighting.


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Welcome to my Page!!

I have had this page up and running for a few years now.  This started out as a way to share my pictures with other people and if they were inclined to buy any, we offered that option.  We recently added an option for personal pictures.  If you need someone to take your pictures, check my site out!  I am branching out and doing portraits.  I have already done family pictures, graduation pictures, 1st birthday pictures and very early on wedding pictures.  My favorites so far have been the family pictures – they are the most precious.

My passion is for history and nature.  I worked in Yellowstone National Park for a few years and absolutely fell in love with nature photography. My inspiration is Ansel Adams.  I simply love all of his photos.  You can see from my pictures I love historic locations and reenactments and would personally love to travel the country taking pictures of the different historic sites and national parks.

In closing, on this blog you may find pictures that aren’t on the site for sale and maybe even some of my crocheting and bead work.  So keep checking my blog, you will never know what picture might show up in it.

Have a awesome day and week!


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