Please take a few moments to let me know you were here, and share any thoughts or opinions regarding my photographs or the site in general.

Thank you !

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  1. Jimmie Hughes says:


  2. Josh Stovall says:

    The site looks great! Hope you get lots of business!

  3. Carolyn Dimeo says:

    New Web Page
    Nice job. Your work shows really good on here. Good luck and keep shooting

  4. Phyllis Crissman says:

    absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing

  5. Thomas F.B. says:

    Beautiful photo and the best communication.

  6. Mary Ellen Holloway says:

    LOVE IT!!
    Site is awesome and the photographs are breathtaking!!!

  7. Rebecca Holland says:

    I love your photos so much I had to have one. I was overwhelmed when I received it as it is even more beautiful than I had imagined. I plan on hanging it just as soon as I have it framed but can already tell you it is going to look great on my wall.

  8. Sandra Harmon says:

    So many beautiful photos that capture the spirit of the Smokies. There is a lifetime of memories of this area. Do you have a “show” date in the Townsend, TN area? AND–you need to go again to Yellowstone and capture the wonder of nature. Aimee, you can photograph AND Gene can write of the experience!! Love mom

  9. Heather Penrod says:

    Terrific website
    Congratulations on the site. You are a very talented photographer. Thank you for sharing. I have it save to my favorites for future viewing.

  10. Barbara says:

    Congratulations on your website! Your pictures are amazing. You obviously have a gift and need to keep following this path. All my best, Barbara

  11. Leigh Goddard says:

    so jealous
    I hesitated to come to your site. I am so jealous. You are doing what I always wanted to do. You gotta tell me how you did this! Love Always, Leigh

  12. Melinda Roell says:

    Looks great! You should do a calendar — Mel

  13. Deanne says:

    Your pictures are incredible!! You are a terrific photographer. Good luck!!!

  14. Katie Harmon says:

    The pictures are GORGEOUS Aimee! GREAT WORK! Keep them coming!!!

  15. Pappy Harmon says:

    New Website
    Cool !!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya. Pappy

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